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A portion of every sale goes to support the research of psychedelics and plant medicine for mental health and PTSD.

Did you know that candle ingredients are not required to be listed?  Most of the population is unaware, but awareness is growing. Worse, labels are often worded to mislead consumers - what is presented as an aromatherapy candle is petroleum wax, synthetic scent, synthetic fixatives, with a pinch of plant essential oil added. Even if a candle is labeled as being made of beeswax, often there is paraffin as well. Wicks that have a metal, or zinc core, often contain small amounts of lead as well. Always look for very specific labeling by the manufacturer.”

- Paraffin candles contain up to 11 carcinogenic     compounds. These compounds have been      deemed "toxic air contaminants" by the 

  State of California. 

- Paraffin smoke/exhaust contains many    carcinogenic toxins and contributes to indoor   air pollution

- Documented evidence that candle soot      particles contain many of the same compounds   given off from burning diesel fuel. The soot    from these materials can contain carcinogens,   neurotoxins, and reproductive toxins.

- Companies can use a variety of harmful            chemicals and toxins labeled as        

    "fragrances" without any regulation.


PLant Based Candle

This plant based candle is made of a 100% natural coconut and vegetable wax blend, which means it creates less soot and smoke while also allowing for more fragrance oil. The fragrances are 100% natural plant extracts and essential oils. The wick is organic rice waxed hemp. The whole thing is vegan.

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